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Family Documentary Photography 

What's your family's story? Family Documentary Photography is about capturing your family life as it truly unfolds without posing or interruption. I won't ask your kid to move her foot to make a better photo and you'll love the photo when you see her cute little foot as it sits in the frame, exactly where it is! Our sense of what's meaningful and memorable mesh.  

Whatever your daily activities are, I will be there to capture the pulse and subtleties of your family life as a photojournalist would capture a story for a newspaper. Your photos will be a real representation of your family relationships now.  

No frozen smiles here! Let the kids have fun, crawl around, play games. You may be interacting with them or making dinner. They may be practicing piano or building a fort. I'll come to your home and photograph your family as you go about a typical day.  

2-hour, 1/2 day, or full "Day in the Life" sessions available.  


Family Portrait 

If you want to be sure to see everyone's faces in one photograph, I'll capture your family portrait in your home, giving your photo a context that has meaning and familiarity. Alternatively we can photograph at a different location that is special to your family, like a favorite restaurant or park.  

1-hour and 2-hour family sessions available.  

I can also combine Family Portrait and Family Documentary Photography sessions for a full picture of your family.