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Family Documentary Photography 

What's your family's story? Family Documentary Photography is about capturing your family life as it truly unfolds without posing or interruption.I won't ask your kid to move her foot to make a better photo and you'll love the photo when you see her cute little foot as it sits in the frame, exactly where it is!  

Why would I want family documentary photography you ask?! You appreciate the real moments, not the frozen smiles. You understand that your kids won't be kids forever (sniff) and know the value of remembering your real relationships NOW so that your children will have a keepsake to look back on and show their kids, and their grandkids, to see what real life was like back in 2018!  

3 documentary packages available including a day long "Day in the Life" session. Smaller packages start at $750 and all packages include a beautiful custom designed albums.  

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Family Portraits available upon request.  

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